Pet Peeve: Eliminating Exercises Because You Don’t Like Them

Coach Courtney shares her biggest health & fitness pet peeve and explains how to get around it!

Why is eliminating exercises because you don’t like them my biggest health and fitness Pet Peeve? Because every exercise put into a workout by knowledgeable trainers is put in there for a reason. Every exercise serves a purpose. The exercises we don’t “like” are probably the exercises we need the most. If they are too hard, it is probably because that’s an area you are weak in and you need to work to improve. The exercises we dislike most are probably the ones we need the most! 

What can we do: Modify the Exercise! Ask your coach for modifications and variations of the exercise in order to work your way to performing it correctly. Once that strength is built up, you will see that the exercise you once despised is now something you can do because you strengthened the muscles necessary to accomplish it.

Don’t be scared to try! Often times people see something that they don’t think they can do, so they immediately say No. Start with no weight, master the movement, then slowly add weight. Ask for a variation or a modification to get you started, and take the time to work your way to accomplishing it. My favorite thing as both a fitness coach and  a teacher is seeing somebody accomplish something they never thought they could!

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