Yes its December and Yes it is in the 70’s. GET OUTSIDE

It’s that time of year where it feels like the entire country decides to live here for a couple months, and with good reason. They love it here because the weather is fantastic. We’re lucky to live somewhere where winter means mid 70’s and sun. Get outside, enjoy it and get some exercise in at the same time. Here are some great hiking spots just a short drive from Infinity:










We’ve all seen them: the guy who looks like the Incredible Hulk yet can’t lift a thing, or on the contrary, a guy that looks like a complete slob but can lift a house. Or what about the guy that looks great, but can’t walk up a flight of stairs without needing CPR at the top? No matter what your age or gender, I recommend training like an athlete.

How do you train like an athlete?

1. Join us at Infinity Fitness.

2. Increase your work capacity (work capacity= the ability to repeat high QUALITY effort).

The higher your work capacity then the more prepared for training you are; the more prepared you are the more work you can do; the more work you can do the more gains you can achieve. (Gains can mean very different things!  For women look at it as *leans* ). To achieve this, shorten your rest times between sets, run stairs (hint,hint), throw cardio into the middle of a workout, do some ploy metrics. It’s not 1982 Golds Gym thinking is 2014 Infinity thinking to keep the heart rate up and continuously move throughout the workout. Maximize your time in the gym to maximize your feeling outside of it.

     3. Create or find variety in your workouts.

Find a gym that is not typical. Switch things up daily, don’t get stuck in a rut and move your body in every direction with resistance daily. Your mind and body wants to be pushed and needs to be pushed to create a healthier lifestyle. As they say variety is the spice of life, so spice that thing up!!!

4. Enjoy and embrace the push this type of training gives you.

Have fun. Working out has the word “work” which most people despise. But…..and a big one, it’s not work if you love it. As crazy as this sounds, it really is fun to…

  • Leave a pool of sweat
  • Stumble out of the gym after leg day
  • Have to catch your breath during a workout
  • Want to quit but continue
  • REALLY want to quit but give it just that little bit you have left
  • Hi-five someone that just killed their workout
  • Be the one who got the hi-five
  • Feel better about yourself

Mike Sheahan, CPT, PES

Stretching is one of the most important pieces of exercise. When done properly it can provide great benefits to your overall athletic performance. With this being said, many people don’t really know what stretching does or even when to do it. This is important information to know because stretching at the wrong time can have a big effect on overall performance during a workout and the injury prevention aspect of stretching. Lets go over some details that you need to know.

First are the types of stretching. There are many different kinds of stretching that you can do, but lets stick to the ones we do most often at Infinity. The two we use most often are dynamic and static stretching. Dynamic stretches are the stretches that we do during our warm-ups. These stretches involve movement during the stretch. Dynamic stretching is a great way to increase blood flow to a muscle. This is why dynamic stretching should be used at the beginning of a workout. At the beginning of the workout, it is important to have proper blood flow through the muscle to aid of overall function of the muscle and injury prevention. A few examples of dynamic stretches are walking deadlifts, forward lunges, and heel digs.

Static stretching is normally what we do after a workout here at Infinity. Static stretching is a stretch that does not involve movement throughout the stretch, hence the “static” in the title. Static stretching is used to not only relax the muscle, but also aids in increased range of motion, or ROM. It is important to do static stretching after a workout to help relax the muscle.

Many people ask why they should only do static stretching after a workout. As stated above, static stretching causes the muscle to relax. This happens due to certain structures in the muscle that activate during a stretch. We have what are called Golgi Tendon Organs, or GTO’s, located within the tendons of our muscles. These organs monitor the amount of force that is being places on the tendon. When a great deal of force, or stretch, is placed on tendon for a period of time, the GTO’s activate, causing the muscle to relax. This relaxation decreases the force on the tendon and also allows you to go even deeper into a stretch. This is why after you hold a stretch for a few seconds; the feeling of the stretch starts to dissipate. The feeling of that stretch dissipating is the GTO’s activation. Studies show that this reflex lasts up to 30 minutes post stretch. This relaxation period is why it isn’t good to static stretch before or during your workout. This relaxation inhibits your ability to initiate maximum force output through the muscle during your workout. By placing static stretching after your workout, you cause the muscle to relax, and this allows more blood flow through the muscle. Static stretching also increases your range of motion over time, and more ROM equates to lower risk of injury.

We now offer athletic stretch classes here at Infinity to help stretch you out after your workout or just when you’re feeling tight. These classes will run you through a series of stretches across your entire body to help loosen you up and increase your range of motion. If you have any questions on the classes or just stretching in general, please feel free to ask!

Tony Milano, CPT

Join us in the Studio on Tuesdays at 6:15 pm and Fridays at 9:15 am to get your weekly stretch.

You know you’ve created a good goal for yourself when it scares you. I must have created a really good goal, because I’m terrified! Four weeks ago, I hired an IFBB Physique Pro to help me train for my first Figure Competition. This means on November 14th, I will be walking on stage in a teeny tiny bikini and 5 inch high heels in front of hundreds of people to be judged on the physique I bring to the stage. I have created a goal to put myself outside my comfort zone, to hold myself more accountable than ever, and do something I never thought I was physically and/or mentally capable of doing.

I knew I needed to do something dramatic. I am a big advocate of the saying “practice what you preach.” I teach everyone else how to work out, how to eat, how to create good goals for themselves, and tell everyone to overcome temptation to become a better version of “you.” To everyone else, I was in decent shape already; however I wanted more and wanted to be better. I have always been told I should compete, but always just laughed it off and insisted I was not in THAT kind of shape. But why couldn’t I create that?

blog post_heather 02

Three weeks ago I started dieting hard, training even harder, implemented 3am cardio sessions before work, and started working with a posing coach. I knew it was going to be hard, but this is definitely a full time job in itself. So far, it’s totally worth it! My body is transforming into something it has never been before, I’m seeing muscle definition I never have before, and I’m actually eating more than I ever have before too! I’m excited (and terrified!) to share this journey with everyone, glad I have so many people to hold me accountable, and I am VERY thankful for the support I am getting from my Infinity Fitness AZ family.

(I will be competing in the NPC Western Regional in Mesa, AZ on November 14th, Figure division; visit for details, pictures, and tickets.)

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