Meet Vicki Purugganan!

Q: You’ve been a part of our Infinity family a little over a year! Tell us what keeps you coming back.
A: I have been an Infinity member for a little over a year. What keeps me coming back are the trainers, staff, other members, and the variety of classes Infinity has to offer. (Boxing, Spin, Stretch, and Spartan Training) I’ve tried them all! Also, what seems like a small thing, left a big impression on me – the staff and trainers greeted me by name the second day I walked into the gym and took a genuine interest in me and my fitness goals. They’re professional, and they’re serious about their training, health, and wellness.
Q: What do you enjoy most about Infinity & how do you stay motivated?
A: What I love most about Infinity is that the workouts are so challenging and always so different. The trainers and staff are encouraging and motivating. There are so many instances where I didn’t think I had it in me to push myself any further….. and well, let’s just say, a coach stepped in and said, “Yes, you can” and so I did! I recently participated in the Spartan Sprint as a result of this encouragement. (Thank you, April!) I have met a lot of people and made new friends. When I don’t show up for a week or so, the staff or friends check in to see if all is well. Not many places go above and beyond like this. I feel so inspired and motivated by my workout “buddies” and their stories to health and wellness. At the end of the day…Infinity is my Fit-Fam!
Q: What is your career & what are some of your interests outside of Infinity?
A: I was an Elementary School Teacher for 27 years. I had the privilege of teaching 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grades in an inner city school setting. Ten of those years were spent as the school librarian. Currently, I am retired and I could not be happier!
Outside of Infinity, I love cooking and trying new recipes. Eating healthy has always been important to me, and I love preparing healthy meals for my family. I also love to read – especially articles on health and fitness. I have a lot of fun attending sporting events, playing games, watching movies, and enjoying good food with my family and friends!
Q: Tell us something that not many people may know about you.
A: I am quietly determined and competitive. If I make up my mind to do something, I am going to do it! During the Spartan Race, I was struggling to cross the Monkey Bars, but I had made up my mind I was not going to drop. As a result, I probably hold the record for spending the longest amount of time on the monkey bars without falling off!

Meet Infinity Youth Member Aliyah Anderson!

Aliyah has been working with Coach Carlos at Infinity Fitness for over 3 years.    She is a talented, 14 year old, dedicated to playing club soccer with SC Del Sol.  She trains with Infinity year round (twice per week in-season).  She’s a hard worker, not only on her soccer skills, but in off-the-field development. 

We asked her why she keeps coming back to Infinity:

“Infinity has been tremendously helpful in achieving my goals of improving my speed, agility, and overall strength.  I would recommend Infinity to any youth athlete because the environment is FUN, challenging, focused, and you will achieve results if you put in the work.” – Aliyah Anderson