Erica McDonnell is an exceptional youth athlete who trains at Infinity Fitness AZ** Meet Erica McDonnell! **

Erica is 15 years old and is in our November 2019 Member Spotlight

Q: What do you enjoy most about Infinity?
A: Going to workout at the gym has always been a task for me, until I found Infinity. The minute you walk in, you instantly feel at home and welcome while still getting a super hard but rewarding workout in! I’ve been able to see results and my body transforming in just a short amount of time from working with the trainers at Infinity. It’s been super motivating to keep me coming back and continue to work hard.

Q: Would you recommend Infinity to a friend and why?
A: Yes absolutely and I have! No matter what sport you play or if you just want a focused workout, the Infinity trainers are great at helping to find the right balance, perfect for you and your discipline. Everyone at the gym is supportive and encouraging, and it makes you want to keep coming back!

Q: What skills have you learned and improved on during your time here?
A: I’ve learned strength, cardio, and speed skills from my time at Infinity. I never really knew where to start with heavy lifting and could have injured myself but with the help of the trainers I am doing lifts I didn’t even know I could do. I’m. As a dancer, I sometimes train for 16+ hours a day, and while I have been studio trained for 13 years, my body wasn’t properly conditioned to recover. Through the proper conditioning at Infinity, my body can now sustain longer training sessions and rigorous dancing while recuperating at a much faster speed.