Pet Peeve: Neglecting Warm Up

Coach Heather talks about the importance of warming up before your workout
My biggest pet peeve is people not warming up!  Not only does this mean you are not on time for class, but this also means that your body is not prepared for exercise, putting you at risk for injury which none of us have time for!
Warming up raises your blood temperature and increases blood flow to your muscle.  This will increase flexibility in your muscle fibers, allowing them to move more efficiently with more range of motion.  Without this, your muscles are similar to a dry sponge… have you ever tried to rip a dry sponge?  Way easier than trying to rip a wet sponge!  Start thinking of our muscles as sponges.  If you do this, you will begin to value warmup more if you don’t want to risk injury!
Not only physically, but warmup also prepares you mentally for activity.  Efficient warming up will increase your willingness to workout, getting you to focus on the task at hand, especially on days you might not be “feeling it.”  The movement will excite your happy hormones and set up your body physically and mentally for an productive and effective workout!
Now that your body is set up for an effective workout, once complete your entire day is more likely to be productive!  Whether you are heading to work with a schedule full of meetings, or you are staying at home to enrich the lives of your children, your body is energized and ready to go!
And finally, an effective warmup will help your body burn more calories!  With the increase in body temperature, the warmup alone by itself burns calories, but also sets the body temperature at a higher starting point for the workout forcing the body to burn more calories throughout the workout!  This will help increase your body’s metabolism over time, allowing you to burn body fat faster!
So let’s be on time for class, warmup, have a kick-butt workout, and burn that body fat!

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