Member Spotlight | Ginni Fendon

Infinity Fitness Member Ginni Fendon** February 2020 Member Spotlight **
Meet Ginni Fendon!
Q: As a newer member of the Infinity family, please tell us what has kept you coming back over these 6 months!

A: As a new member of the Infinity Fitness family, what keeps me coming back are the trainers because of their encouragement, knowledge of health and fitness,  and the way they put together a very intense, challenging, and rewarding exercise routine that is never boring. I love that when I go to exercise at Infinity Fitness, it feels like I’m part of a family. It’s not just a gym where I work out, but a group of members and trainers that I have connections with.

I keep coming back because I want to stay healthy and fit, so my Type 1 Diabetes will stay in balance. I do this for my own personal health goals, but I’m also encouraged that my story helps motivate others that I workout with. Like I said, I’m part of a family at Infinity Fitness. Everyone that comes in here works hard, and that is a great place to workout at.

Q: What do you enjoy most about Infinity & how do you stay motivated?

A: I really enjoy having workout partners that hold each other accountable. When it comes to exercising and continuing to exercise, it really helps that we all motivate each other while we are there. That really keeps me coming back! I enjoy the support and proper exercise instruction that the trainers give, the workout atmosphere is upbeat and encouraging and the exercise regimens are intense.The trainers and my workout partners motive me each time I’m there. It’s that encouragement and drive to be healthy that helps me want to continue to stay healthy and in control of my Diabetes. I have found my exercise home at Infinity Fitness, and I love it here! I have tried other places in the past, but Infinity Fitness is it for me!

Q: What is your career & what are some of your interests outside of Infinity?

A: My background is in Physical Therapy but I currently work at a preschool in Paradise Valley as an Office Manager and teacher helper. Some of my interests outside of Infinity Fitness are gardening, reading, being active outdoors when the weather is nice, socializing with friends, traveling up north to visit family, watching my son play little league baseball, and of course watching baseball.

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