Steve became a member of Infinity almost a year ago in December 2021.  Read more about him here…

Exercise is something I have been doing as a kid and through my adult life.  After losing the intensity I use to maintain when attending traditional gyms, I joined a CrossFit gym seven years ago.  Having other people around me performing the same workout energized me and brought the intensity back up.  But after two bad injuries from CrossFit, I needed to make and change, and I was glad to find Infinity.  Infinity’s location, schedule, and convenience are just as important to me as the other members, coaching staff, facility, and equipment, Infinity checks all the boxes!

I have a niche commercial insurance agency in Scottsdale, and we insure select businesses throughout the country.  I have been married for 23 years.  My wife and I have two amazing kids who are both away at college that we love to see when they make time for us.


Thanks, Steve, for being our November Member Spotlight!  

October 2022 Member Spotlight

Meet Luann!  She’s been a member of our community for over 9 years, and we adore her!

I’m proud to say that I’ve been a client of Infinity Fitness since 2013.  Infinity Fitness is AWESOME.  The trainers are supportive, and encouraging and provide a variety of workouts.  It’s such a positive environment to be in that you can’t help but push harder and aim higher.  My overall strength and fitness have improved dramatically.  I’m now able to perform exercises I would never have attempted on my own.

I couldn’t imagine life without Infinity Fitness.  I look forward to my training sessions and being with my IF family—it’s the greatest community!!
Thank you, Luann, for your support over all these years!  We couldn’t do this without you!


Down over 75 lbs!?! ? Oh, yes, HE DID! ?

We’re excited to kick off our August Member Spotlight with this guy … we’re SUPER PROUD you, Jovon!

He “wanted to lose a few pounds” for his July wedding…and 7 months later, he’s a brand new man!!

We asked him a few more questions about his life, so read on to learn more…

1️⃣ You’ve been a part of our Infinity family since December 2021.Tell us why you started with us and what keeps you coming back.

I started Infinity in December of 2021 because I wanted to lose a few pounds for my wedding. But when I began, what made me keep coming back were the trainers and the other members. I watched how everyone interacted, and it seemed like family, and I wanted to be a part of it.

I started my fitness Journey at 275lbs I wore size 2XL clothing and size 40-42 pants. I’m current down to 195 pounds and wearing a Large shirt and 34 pants.

Also, during this process and getting ready for the wedding, my tuxedo jacket went from size 50 to 42.

2️⃣ What do you enjoy most about Infinity & how do you stay motivated?

What I enjoy about Infinity Fitness is the challenging workouts. There is never a day where I leave and don’t feel challenged. What keeps me motivated is feeling and looking healthy for myself and family. Also my other motivation is my fellow gym members. Everyone is so kind and their hard work and daily dedication to the gym, inspires me.

3️⃣ What is your career & what are some of your interests outside of Infinity?

I’m an engineer for a medical device company. My interests outside of Infinity revolves around family and trying to evolve into the best version of myself.

CONGRATS, Jovon on your wedding & incredible transformation!  We’re so honored to be a part of your fitness journey!


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Infinity Fitness Youth Member Mikaela Liebertz

** Meet Mikaela Liebertz! **

Q: How old are you & where do you go to school? What’s your favorite subject/teacher/class?
A: I am 13 years old and I go to Desert Shadows Middle School. My favorite subjects are science, social studies and English. My favorite teachers are Mr. Jenga, Mrs. Corbett and Mr. Brandsma, they teach my favorite classes.

Q:  You have some big dreams & we’d love to hear more about them!
A:  My long term goals include getting a college scholarship in swimming and swimming in the Olympics. My short term goal is to swim at sectionals as a 14 year old – Sectionals is a swim meet for the entire southwest and you have to be really fast and train hard and most kids are 15 when they get there.

Q: You’ve only been training with us since January! Please tell us what you enjoy about Infinity and how the Sports Performance sessions have helped enhance your fitness regime.
A:  I was already swimming about two hours a day, six days a week; but the strength training program at Infinity has improved my start off the blocks. I am much faster and stronger at the beginning of my races. I have more power in the water and in the back half of my races, the part where endurance counts – has improved a lot. The coaches at Infinity are fun and patient and really make sure that my technique and form are correct, Kyle reminds me of my science teacher Mr. Jenga. In the short time I have been training here – I’ve met some really great kids that are also athletes and we can all relate to each other.

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